Wednesday, March 5, 2008

12 Tons of Gravel

Zack Comes to Investigate the Pile of Rocks

As part of our effort to complete all our desired home improvement we had 12 tons of gravel delivered today. 12 tons of gravel sounded like a lot of gravel when we ordered it, but now that it is all sitting in the middle of the driveway it looks like an awful lot of gravel. I am pretty sure I know how this weekend if going to go.

We are going to use it to spruce up all the plant beds and to replace all of the grass in the side yards. Grass in climate like this is ridiculous, grass in side yards is just absurd. I manged to fill in one small bed tonight, and am very pleased with how it has come out.

Zack, could not be more excited. He has a strange obsession over rocks, and an even stranger obsession with eating rocks. We actually purposely got gravel of size that he could not swallow. We got some strange looks while we are to the nursery browsing the samples and saying things like "do you think this size is to big for him to swallow?" None the less Zack is thrilled and spent the whole time while was working outside tonight proudly carrying arround the one treasured rock that he selected out of the pile.

Filling in the Cactus Bed

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